Cliché Jelena Pirkmajer

Jelena Pirkmajer
Fashion designer Jelena Pirkmajer launched the Cliché collection to the Slovenian market in 1991, and in 1993 opened the first concept boutique of the same name in Ljubljana. There in Stara Ljubljana, in addition to fashion and art pieces, you can also find accessories and creative design ideas. The designer was born in Ljubljana and studied fashion in London. Jelena Pirkmajer regularly exhibits her exciting collections and has built an enviable reputation by showing at fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo.
The Cliché brand embodies a strong sense of style and is aimed at the trendy, fashion-forward individual with a high FQ (Fashion Intel Quotient). It is known above all for its top quality, innovative design and usability. Unique products are made with great care and dedication in Slovenia and the EU. The hi-tech fabrics are both unique and timeless and can easily be mixed and matched with pieces from previous collections. Cliché pieces of clothing allow the modern woman to reveal her beautiful true self.